I am Elysia Smith, and I eat food for a living. When I am not eating, I work as a designer for a newspaper in the Middle East. While I am working as a designer for a newspaper in the Middle East, I think about eating. When I am eating, I think about eating.

I like to eat.

Through 2010, I will post at least one meal I eat a day on this site. There will be gastronomic highs - at one point this year, I am bound to eat some scientific space food with a name I can't pronounce. There will also be many gastronomic lows - the burger that fills a gap at 4am, for example. And there will also be the days I am so sick I can only manage to choke down a dry saltine cracker. That day will probably come after I eat that 4am burger.

I could say this is all being done in the name of research, and that I am doing it on your behalf. But that would be a lie.

Viva la food!

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A Food Odyssey